Mindfulness Practices - A Six Week Series

Begins Monday, October 23 from 7-8 p.m.
Deadline to sign up is Monday Oct 16th 

Please join us as we welcome back celebrated instructor, Dr. Lena Kushnir, for her restorative six week series, "Decrease Stress and Increase Focus with Mindful Practices".

The course, which begins Monday, October 23 from 7-8 p.m., invites guests to pause, breathe, and be present. Dr. Kushnir will focus on the fundamental principles and practices of living mindfully and with intention. Each session, detailed below, will teach students how to use mindfulness as a healing tool to help manage stress, increase focus, enhance emotional regulation, and improve communication and interpersonal skills.

During each class, Dr. Kushnir will guide students through key concepts and practices in a supportive and encouraging environment while sharing how to apply these practices to your daily life. Students who took her winter course experience an average decrease in perceived stress of 36% and an average increase in being aware in the present moment of 15%.

The series is $250 and areas of focus include:

Session Focuses:

SESSION 1 (October 23):
Shifting Out of Autopilot

SESSION 2 (October 30):
Getting in Tune with Body, Attitude and Breath

SESSION 3 (November 6):
Identifying Thoughts and Labeling Events

SESSION 4 (November 13):
Responding to Stress and Turning Toward Difficulties

SESSION 5 (November 20):
Regulating Emotions

SESSION 6 (November 27):
Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships through True Presence

Please register online or at the front desk if you are interested in this workshop, as we must have a minimum of eight participants.

"Dr. Lena Kushnir's Mindfulness series is a powerful and transformative deep dive into how to develop and maintain a personal mindfulness practice. Backed by current science-based research and her impressive academic credentials, the substantial neurologic and emotional benefits of a daily meditation practice can be realized almost immediately. I like to think of each module as curated selections of the best parts of New York Times best selling Mindfulness books condensed into easily understood and actionable practices. This information is made even better through the interaction with Lena each week on how to best apply these practices in our life and how to overcome the hurdles which might otherwise slow us down.”—TJ Tazioli

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